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about swartland

Swartland was established in Moorreesburg in 1951 and has become renowned for quality, meticulous attention to detail and for producing products specifically for our harsh South African environment.

environmentally friendly wood

Swartland has a strict policy of buying timber from responsible commercial loggers and is their responsible contribution towards ensuring the world's natural resources are preserved.


They believe that supplies of the traditional tropical hardwood "Meranti" have been irresponsibly depleted and quality and colour inconsistencies have made the timber unfavourable for use in their operation.


At Swartland, they only use Okoumé, a tropical hardwood from Gabon in West Africa, and the supply is strictly controlled.

108% guarantee

Swartland not only offers a 100% guarantee for quality, craftsmanship and longevity but a further 8% for ideal moisture content. German kiln technology is used to provide the optimal moisture content in Swartland wood that enable it be tough enough to withstand a climate of ever changing of moisture, heat and cold. 90% of South Africa’s climate has an average moisture content of 8%.


Research has also revealed that in most modern homes with indoor air-conditioning and heating the average moisture content is also 8%. Wood is naturally ‘hydroscopic’. This means wood will tend to progress towards a state of equilibrium that balances with the moisture content of its surrounding environment. The less wood has to accommodate for the difference between its own moisture content and that of the outside the less the wood will swell, contract or warp. The fewer changes to the wood the longer it will last – 108% guaranteed.

swartland ranges:

Cape Culture Doors, Windows and Door frames from Swartland

Winsters Doors, Windows, Stacking and Folding Doors from Swartland

Maxicare Sealants from Swartland