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Why Choose Wooden Doors And Windows


wooden windows and doors are from natural and renewable materials

Wood has unique qualities that only nature can provide and is unequalled by any other material for aesthetic beauty and ambiance. Wooden windows and doors are increasingly being appreciated for its environmental benefits and design potential.

All countries around the world are urged to support sustainable development and when it comes to window and doors timber is the only material that meets the criterion required, unlike all other extracted or mined materials. According to ENGO’s (Environmental Governmental Organisations such as the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and Greenpeace wood is by far the best environmental choice for windows and doors as it is totally renewable resource. With forests representing the single most important stabilising feature on the world’s land mass. The international organisation The Forest Stewardship Council requires its members to ensure that forests are replenished at least as much as they are harvested. As trees become older their ability to absorb CO₂ reduces significantly and that is why these trees can be harvested and replaced by young ones.

Some benefits of wooden doors and windows:

They are durable and stabile
Offer great insulation
Wooden products can be painted, stained or varnished
They can be hand crafted to any specification
Timber products are hardly effected by temperature extremes and condensation build up
You are able to design complex shapes and sizes unable to be reproduced at similar cost in other materials
The pricing cannot be beaten for what you get
Maintenance and upkeep has been dramatically reduced due to technological advances in sealants and protective coatings

consider the impact that building with wood has on the environment...

An excerpt from the European Commission’s DG Enterprise, 2003. “Wood plays a major role in combating climate change... Greater use of wood products will stimulate the expansion of Europe’s forests and reduce greenhouse gas  emissions by substituting for fossil fuel intensive products.”

Ironically, the more wood is used the more trees get planted. At, we only procure timber from sources that have managed forests programs in place.

some GREEN facts:


The energy needed to manufacture timber windows and doors is far less than other materials used. In terms of the CO₂ emissions* that are produced in the production of windows and doors timber is neutral whereas aluminium produces the equivalent of up to 4 tonnes of CO₂ per 10 windows according to the BWF (British Woodworking Federation).

* CO₂ emissions are the greenhouse gasses linked to global warming and climate change.

It takes more than 300 times the amount of energy needed to produce 1 cubic metre of aluminium than it does to produce a similar amount of wood!

Steel emits about 80,00kg/ m3
Aluminium about 60,00kg/ m3
Wood, Negative 228kg/m3

This is due to the carbon that remains locked in the wood for the duration of its use as a timber product.


Wood is energy efficient

Timber is a natural insulator and if you want to save money it is a good idea to make sure you are not paying for warmed or cooled air that is seeping through the cracks of your doors and windows. Sealing (weather stripping) is the best way to make significant savings on your energy bill. When you've checked your house to see where the air is going you will find there is no substitute for quality, energy- efficient doors and windows.

As a construction material wood is:
6 times more efficient than brick
15 times more efficient than concrete
306 times more efficient than steel
1,770 times more efficient than aluminium.

So, the better insulated our homes are the less we spend on energy to heat and cool them. And the less energy we use... the better it is for the planet!

wood has a lower whole life cost than any other material

Research has shown that when it comes to looking at the whole life cost of all available materials used for the manufacture and installation of windows, doors and doorframes wood is the least expensive. Wooden windows and doors are repairable and maintainable. For example if damage does occur to the timber it can be repaired by a carpenter, if there is any broken hardware it can be replaced in the same position without needing a new sash. If doors and windows are maintained properly there is no reason why they should ever fail.

  • Tuesday, 26 March 2013