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Aluminium versus Timber

The most obvious advantage is maintenance. Aluminium windows require less maintenance than any other product, but this by no means implies that the product will last forever.

well maintained timber products will outlast aluminium, mainly due to advances in timber sealants that require minimal maintenance, and no sanding between coats or before re-application.

Advantages to aluminium is that it accepts Double Glazing easily, and is thus the obvious choice when opting to go this route.

Aluminium has a lower perceived cost but are generally are less secure than their timber counterparts due to thinner sections and easily compromised handles and locks. Windoor provides a range of security products that limit this, such as securistays and casement/ patio door bolts. Similar section timber doors and windows are able to accept heavy duty locking mechanisms and multiple fixing points.

Aluminium installations often fall short due to installers cutting back on the correct waterproofing techniques (particularly when replacing doors and windows) and this results in damp issues around window frames, window cills and sliding doors.

  • Tuesday, 26 March 2013